Floor Installation

I’m guessing that if you’re reading this article you might have some scratches in your hardwood floor. Scratches and dings just happen, its almost as if they can’t be prevented. When they do happen and you want to take them out you want to use either a stain marker or a color clay, usually a stair marker is the best way to get these scratches out. If there are just too many scrathes to keep up with and the kids of dogs damaged the wood flooring then at this point the best thing would be to do a light refinsh job and strip the wood floor finish and apply a new finish to the hardwood flooring which will take all the scratches and imperfections out. This process will work great if your scratches are not too deep, if you have big dings and major scratches in the hardwood flooring then at this point you will need to sand and refinish the floor. I would recommend letting professionals handle this phase and don’t attempt to do this yourself as it is a complicated job and its a lot more work then it looks like. Depending on the type of wood floor material that was installed the floor can be refinished several times. The beauty about hardwood flooring is that it can always be brought back to life.

If you are fixing big and deep scratches in your hardwood floor, you will want to use some sort of solid clay type material that will be heated up right before applying to the scratches and then a small amount of polyurathane right in the particular spot needs to be applied. Even if its just scratches and seems like a small easy fix, I still would recommend you have a flooring expert come out and fix it because they have the right knowledge and expertise to fix this issue correctly. To properly sand and refinish the floors is even more complicated and not every flooring company out there can do it, there are only a few that can sand a floor with very minimal mistakes, therefore I would suggest for the homeowner to require pictures and to even physically go and check out a jobsite and inspect it in person. Wood floor sanding is a hard process and the wood floor experts must really be experts to do it right.


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